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Each client has specific challenges.

Staffing Solutions

Dominion Advisory Group AML Temporary Staffing Solutions

  • Too many alerts and investigations for staff to manage?
  • Can’t find the experienced analysts and investigators your FIU needs?
  • Is your new or upgraded transaction monitoring or OFAC screening system generating more alerts than expected?
  • Acquisition of a new institution increasing workload?
  • Is the cost of resolving alerts and investigations getting out of control?
Financial institutions turn to Dominion Advisory Group’s analysis and investigations temporary staffing services as a solution.

Real Investigators. Real Experience.

We know providing the right people, who have actually analyzed alerts, investigated cases and filed SARs is crucial for our clients.

Since 2005 Dominion’s analysts and investigators have resolved hundreds of thousands of alerts and cases and prepared tens of thousands of SARs.

As regulatory expectations increase and more work is piled onto already over burdened staff, financial institutions need access to analysts and investigators that:

  • Have a strong understanding of today’s requirements
  • Have proven record of getting work done right and on time
  • Improve operations, reduce risk, and lower costs
  • Are available for short-term assignment lasting a few days or weeks to long-term assignments lasting months.

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